Step by Step Guide to Submit Music to Blogs

If you have had plans to submit music to blogs before but you do not know how and so you ended up not submitting at all, do not worry. It is actually very easy to submit music to blogs when you want to, it is only a matter of figuring things out. It is a matter of knowing how to submit your own music to a platform that will help you to reach out more viewers and more subscribers in the process. To help you out, here is a step by step guide to submit music to blogs.

Choose a blog

The first thing you should do would be to browse around a find a blog that you think would be most suitable to help you out on this journey you are in. Preferably a blog that has a lot of followers or visitors since that can help you even better in marketing your own music. You can find more details on music video blog submission on the site artistrack.

It would be nice if you can check out their followings to ensure that the music, they play there is somehow related to your own because a connection would very much be more welcomed at this point.

Check their promos

Blogs that features music would offer promos to artists when it comes to how they will help you out. Some would have packages that would be more specific in terms like a specific number of days they will be promoting you as well as if they would include you in their newsletters and the like. It is just a matter of having to figure out which will work better for you in the process. It might help if you can try out to just have some fun in the process as well so you can just enjoy the creative side and let the blog market your music for you.