Is Black Garlic The Same As The Regular Garlic?

Spices and herbs make the food tasty and healthy. Most of the people who know how to cook can attest how important these spices and herbs are. If you are not a cook and you are just starting to learn the different kinds of herbs and spices, then you must start with the basics first.

The most common spices that are used when cooking food is garlic. It brings out a distinct taste when it is being used in cooking. But did you know that there is black garlic? Most of you might wonder, how on earth is this possible? Well, in this article you will find out if the black garlic is the same as the regular white garlic. You can find more details on schwarzer knoblauch on the site schwarzer-knoblauch.

They are both the same but they are prepared differently

Yes, that is very true. Both the black garlic and the regular white garlic are just the same. The only difference of them is that the black garlic is exposed to heat and humidity for 60-90 days thus it changes its color into black. Also, the taste of it has also been evolved. It is believed that the taste of it is sweeter compared to the regular one.

Also, both of them have health benefits which are a good thing. Both of them are a good antioxidant that is believed to be a good way to help remove free radicals in the body that causes cancer. Asians are very fond of using herbs and spices, no wonder their food is absolutely tasty and offers a lot of different flavors.

The black garlic is hard to find

It is true, it is rare to see black garlic in European and in western countries. But they are commonly found in Asia since it is commonly used there by peple. So if you are interested to purchase them, just go over to Asian specialized stores or if you have a chance to travel around Asia, see to it to get your hands with this black garlic.

There are a lot of recipes that you can learn online that uses black garlic, you simply have to follow them and make sure that you learn how to use them well.